Marine Thrift Shop Okinawa



The Marine Thrift Shop is looking for a highly motivated, energetic individual to work an average of 20 hours a week as a cashier/ sales associate. Successful candidates would be required to work 3 register shifts a week Tuesday-Thursday, 2-3 Saturday register shifts a month, and be available for up to 2 Monday or Friday non-register shifts a month. A successful candidate would need to be available between the hours of 9:30-5:30 on all of our business days. To be considered for this position all applicants must have SOFA status or command sponsorship, have a military or government ID card, and have a rotation date of at least 12 months.

All applicants are encouraged to pick up an application in the office of the Marine Thrift Shop during any business hours. Please attach your resume to your application and email it to or drop it off in the office during business hours. If you cannot come pick up an application there are applications on our website at under the job posting tab. Starting pay is $9.13-11.45. Closing date for this job will be March 11th, and the start date would between the 17th and the 24th.

If you have previously applied for a position with us in the past 6 months please send us an email so we can pull your application and put it in our pool.

PLEASE NOTE:This job is strictly for cashiering shifts. It is not for donation room shifts. While this position may include some time in the donation area it will not be a regularly scheduled part of this position.