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Job Postings:

Assistant Manager


MTS is seeking to hire a highly motivated individual to fill our Assistant Manager position! 

The individual must demonstrate a genuine interest in non-profit, community outreach and volunteering success.


  • Preferred 3 years experience and background in retail sales, thrift store reselling of goods.
  • Preferred at least 2 years experience in management or volunteer coordinator experience.
  • Google Sheets and Excel experience needed.
  • Demonstrates genuine interest in non-profit thrift shop success.
  • Must have a government or military ID card as well as SOFA status.
  • Rotation date of at least 12 months.
  • Must be able to lift 10 lbs.

Closing Date: Open until filled

 Sales Associate/Cashier

Sales associates/cashiers at the MTS will greet customers, help them find merchandise, and ring up final purchases. All MTS employees sort donations and restock merchandise while not on a register shift. Other duties include cleaning the store and testing electronics. Must be physically able to lift a minimum of 10lbs. Must be able to work on Saturdays. 



  1. Preferred experience or background in sales and POS/register system.

  2. Must have a government or military ID card as well as SOFA status. 

  3. Preferred Rotation Date of at Least 12 Months.

  4. Preferred at least 5 Volunteer Hours with MTS.


Terms of Employment:

The incumbent will:

  1. Report to the Marine Thrift Shop (MTS) Manager and Assistant Manager.

  2. Work 0-28 hours per week. These hours are to include three Saturdays a month.

  3. Inform MTS Manager of leave plans in writing at least two weeks in advance.

  4. Be on a 90 day probationary period once hired.

  5. Read and sign the job description.

  6. Read and Sign acknowledgement of Employee Handbook.

  7. Be paid biweekly.

  8. Not purchase items from the MTS with the intent to resell, or resell any items from MTS while employed.

Completed application, any additional supporting materials regarding your experience, as well as questions should be sent to or in person at MTS.

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